Our Leadership Team


Benchmark’s leadership team has more than 200 years of industry experience with copiers and printers. Benchmark’s marketplace strength is derived from a dedicated group of more than 70 sales, service and administrative professionals. The Benchmark team, combined with more than 20 locally-based Xerox service engineers, is unmatched in size, experience and ability.

Jeff Horn
Jeff HornPresident and CEO
Jeff Horn joined Benchmark in 2012 as the CEO and President. He oversees business operations and daily workflow throughout the company.
Janet Jackson-Smith
Janet Jackson-SmithCIO
Janet Jackson-Smith joined us in 2006 and holds the position of Chief Information Officer for Benchmark. She oversees Benchmark’s support teams and information operations.
David Belz
David BelzCSO
David Belz is our Chief Strategy Officer. He joined Benchmark in 2017 with his company TonerTiger, where he has worked since 1996.
Rich Cardillo
Rich CardilloCSO
Rich Cardillo is the Chief Sales Officer and joined Benchmark in 2018. Rich has more than 30 years of experience within Xerox and the printing industry. Rich oversees Marketing and Sales operations.
Lori Bell
Lori Bell Purchasing Manager
Lori Bell joined Benchmark in 2005 and holds the position of Dealer Program Manager for Benchmark.
Sandra Henley
Sandra HenleyDirector of Customer Relations
Sandra Henley joined Benchmark in 1999 and is our Customer Training Manager. Sandra handles installs and ensures customers have all the information they need to run their Xerox equipment.
Scot Henry
Scot HenryService Director
Scot Henry joined Benchmark in 2011 as our Service Director. Scot has been in this industry since 1988 and brings his experience and leadership to the workplace everyday.
Kelly Lanham
Kelly LanhamFinance Manager
Kelly Lanham joined benchmark in 2016 and holds the position of our Finance Manager. Kelly oversees Benchmark’s financial operations and consults with the sales team on financial growth.
Mike McGaha
Mike McGahaRegional Sales Manager
Mike McGaha joined Benchmark in 2018 and serves as a Regional Sales Manager. Mike has more than 30 years of experience with Xerox equipment and services.
Jerry Castellini
Jerry CastelliniRegional Sales Manager
Jerry Castellini joined Benchmark in 2013 and is one of Benchmark’s Regional Sales Managers. Jerry has worked with Xerox equipment for 20 years to date and worked with printing operations for 10 years prior.