Cloud Based Fax Solutions


Send and receive faxes from anywhere using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Looking for a lightning-fast and super easy way to send and receive faxes? Cloud-based fax solutions provide this by allowing you to send faxes via email, without a fax machine. Local and international lines are available, plus quick access from your smartphone, which you always have.


Online faxing is an innovative way to send and receive faxes, which does not require a hugely bulky piece of hardware like a traditional fax machine. Online faxing is extremely fast and easy, making it accessible to anyone from any location. Online faxing accommodates a wide variety of numbers, from local to toll-free to international. It offers users the ability to fax from any device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Online faxing is highly flexible, and a solution to faxing in today’s technological day and age.


Cloud-based fax solutions have a variety of features and benefits that help us support you and your printing needs.

  • Electronic Signatures: Choose from 2 signing options, a simple swipe on your mobile device or dropping a saved signature onto the document.
  • Free Mobile Applications: Use the apps to quickly receive, sign and send faxes with a single “tap.”
  • Online File Sharing: Integration with cloud storage services allows for easy file sharing and storage of documents you send and receive. Large file sharing is accommodated as well.
  • Security: Enhanced Security features allow you to ramp up the security when needed.
  • Unlimited Storage: Store and manage unlimited documents as long as you have your account.

Find out if cloud-based fax solutions are right for your faxing needs.

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