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Faxing is surprisingly prevalent in today’s digital world, and a recent study revealed that nearly 90% of small and medium businesses still fax. Many companies have implemented VOIP for regular calling but still rely on analog lines for faxing.

Cloud-based faxing solutions, or virtual faxing, eliminate the need for a fax line. While these services reduce costs, they still require you to scan a document, then attach it to an email or upload it to a web portal prior to sending. This multi-step process can be time-consuming, and require even more effort or hassle than sending a traditional fax.


Cloud Fax app solutions further streamline the cloud fax process to offer the same experience as sending a traditional fax. Cloud fax apps provide a quick, easy single-step process for cloud faxing that allows you to achieve both cost and time savings. Cloud fax apps work with color and black and white multifunction printers to seamlessly send hard copy documents and can be used across a variety of devices. Visual Edge IT Your Solution is proud to partner with two cloud fax app providers to offer our clients the best possible service.


The CloudFax Connector App simplifies the transmission of hard copy documents and works with multifunction printers. With the CloudFax Connector App, you simply scan your document and press “send!” From there, the app handles the rest making the process as easy as traditional faxing


The eFax Gold Connector App allows you to scan and fax in one simple step, and to transmit documents to whatever destination you choose.


Cloud fax apps allow you to get rid of your analog fax line and eliminate long distances costs.

  • Save money (up to 50% compared to analog faxing)
  • Eliminate the need for long-distance lines and associated costs
  • Simplify your workflow by reducing the number of steps needed
  • Increase efficiency and save time
  • Achieve compliance with HIPAA and other major guidelines
  • Keep your information secure while faxing
  • Fax from any location or device with convenient apps

Find out if cloud-based fax apps are right for your faxing needs.

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