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In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, choosing the right tools to support an education environment, whether for a preschool, a K-12 school, or a university, is a challenging task. Paper is still very much a commodity, but so are innovative tools that foster communication and instruction.

At Benchmark, we understand each learning organization has unique needs, and we have a portfolio of solutions designed specifically for educational organizations looking for the flexibility to be nimble, but also prepared to attract, support, and retain today’s tech-savvy students.


Despite their dependence on devices, students and educators today are still extremely reliant on the printed page. Take charge of your output and let Visual Edge IT handle the details — ensuring your printing devices are right-fitted for the users and departments within your institution, giving you the most return on your investment.

We ensure your fleet is kept in tip-top shape, with regular preventative maintenance and supply fulfillment synchronized to your school’s needs. No more worrying about managing the fine details of your copiers and printers, Visual Edge IT has you covered.


From improving your institution’s document security to creating common criteria certification and automating the creation of electronic forms, Visual Edge IT offers document management designed to streamline what you do. We also partner with Square 9 to deliver an enterprise content management solution that will extract data, classify it, and integrate it into your school’s document workflow.

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Digital printing has never been more useful than in the world of education — where superior image quality, variable data, and print-on-demand capabilities are a necessity in supporting the student retention and marketing objectives of today’s educational leaders. What’s more, Visual Edge IT is proud to have earned the distinction as one of the largest Xerox Platinum Dealers in Texas and New Mexico — a partnership that gives the institutions we partner with the best-in-class technology available today and world-class service. Guaranteed, total satisfaction for the education industry.


Your Xerox copier can go far in helping teachers make the best of their time. From test grading to proofreading, your Xerox copier is capable of doing more than just printing and copying. With the ConnectKey platform, simply enable the apps of your choice to turn your copier into the perfect teacher’s assistant.

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