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Whether preparing sales documents or creating invoices, nearly every employee needs a printer at some point during the day. As a result, laser printers are often the hardest working machines in your office. Whether a standalone HP laser printer or a desktop device is right for you depends upon a number of key considerations, including monthly volume, functionality needs, cost of consumables, and how convenience will impact productivity. Needs will differ from one environment to another, so the best way to gain a better understanding of what is needed is to have one of our experts conduct a print assessment.


With so much use, it’s important that your laser printers are a good match for your business. Implementing the wrong devices can cause headaches, service issues, and gaps in efficiency, which no one wants. Our knowledgeable experts will examine a number of variables to make a recommendation on placement, areas for consolidation, and which models are needed for different departments and users. As an authorized Xerox dealer and HP retailer, we offer a variety of options, including:

– Duplexed (two-sided) printing

– Full-color

– Accelerated print speeds

– Energy-saving modes

– Quick start-up

– Cost tracking

With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which monochrome or color laser printers are right for your business. But don’t fret! Our experts are highly-trained and will effectively evaluate the print environment for each unique customer. We will ensure you are matched with the right equipment to handle your print load, reduce expenses, and improve productivity.

From full-color to two-sided printing, we offer the latest technology. We have devices with a variety of speeds and duty cycles to meet your business needs.

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