Government Solutions

Visual Edge IT offers scalable technology solutions for all levels of government. From local and state, to federal agencies, and all of the government contractors in between, we understand the importance of both cost control and innovative solutions that promote productivity, and above all else, security.

From everyday copying and printing, to document archival and retrieval systems, we equip those in the government sector with the tools they need to serve their communities, and exceed the expectations of those they serve with innovative solutions from a full suite of office products:

Most importantly, we help government organizations navigate the challenges associated with managing back office operations, regulatory compliance, and ensuring the protection of both personal and classified information. We provide:

  • MFP security solutions designed for government, including user authentication, print rules, and proximity cards
  • Equipment leasing and end-of-life, secure equipment disposal and hard-drive destruction
  • Flexible financing and procurement programs
  • Energy efficient products that limit environmental impact

Best-in-Class Products

With so many products on the market, it’s hard to know which make and model will suit your organization’s unique business needs. That’s why Visual Edge IT is proud to share the benefits of our partnerships with multiple equipment manufacturers, including Xerox, with our customers. We’ve carefully vetted the best of each product in its class so you can rest easy knowing that you are choosing from the best of the best in our portfolio of equipment and professional service offerings.

Production Print

We put the power of production back in the hands of government agencies with print-on-demand capabilities, including variable data printing for both color and black and white high-volume print engines. As one of the largest Xerox Platinum Dealers in Texas and New Mexico, Visual Edge IT is proud to share with our customers our world-class production partnership featuring best-in-class technology, superior image quality, and professional production support services when you need them. With production from Benchmark, we will always have your back.

Managed Print

Take the hassle out of managing the day-to-day, technical aspects of your printer fleet with comprehensive support and supply from Benchmark. With our proactive approach to monitoring your equipment’s status, we’ll monitor your entire printer fleet, preventing unnecessary downtime through routine preventative maintenance. Through our Managed Print Services program, we not only keep your fleet operating at peak performance, but we make sure you have the supplies you need, exactly when you need them. That means never waiting on a supply delivery or watching unused consumables collect dust on a shelf.

Document Management

With forms automation and enhanced document security, document management from Visual Edge IT is all about streamlining how your documents flow through your organization so your teams can find what they need at the exact moment they need it. Document management can also help alleviate some of the bottlenecks associated with legacy systems that are not cost-effective to fully integrate with others. As a certified Square9 partner, we also deliver an enterprise content management solution that can extract data, classify it, and integrate it into your agency’s document workflow.

Managed IT

It’s only natural that our passion for office systems has evolved to managing our client’s networks. That’s because we know that there is a more efficient way to do IT – where organizational leaders are heard, understood, and supported so they can achieve their agency’s objectives. With our extensive network of experts across the country, we deliver predictable, cost-effective solutions for IT infrastructure, including end-to-end solutions that incorporate cloud computing, PC/Mac support, server, and network monitoring, managed security services, and business optimization software.

Need a Hand?

Customer Center

Visual Edge IT’s Smart Center is your one-stop-shop for customer support. Our team of technical support and managed IT service professionals is dedicated to meeting your needs, solving your problems, and saving you from office disasters.