Paper Cut


A simple and affordable solution for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Novell.

Reduce waste, track printing, and save money with PaperCut print management software. The software is easy to install, simple to use, and it just works. It offers fully featured print and copy control, and easy management of devices. PaperCut software allows you to cut the cost of printing in your organization.


Print management software is used to help monitor use, secure information and improve operational efficiency related to your printing infrastructure. Print management software allows you to monitor the printers around your office to see how they are being used and how well they are working. This information allows you to reduce print costs by choosing how to allocate budget, as well as save on paper costs and reduce overall waste and environmental impact.


PaperCut solutions offer a variety of features and benefits that help us support you and your printing needs.

  • Shared Accounts: Allocate printing to various departments, cost-centers and users.
  • Usage Information: Organize information by department, device, user, or environmental impact.
  • Cross-Device Software: Run the software on all devices and in mixed-fleet environments, including “bring your own device.”
  • Silent Monitoring: Observe device function and output across your office easily.
  • User Quotas: Control how you allocate your printing resources per person or department.
  • Reports: Gain valuable insight into your operations and outputs to make better decisions.

Find out if PaperCut Document Management Solutions are right for your needs.

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